Ulvheim mega pack

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This is a very big pack of STL-files to print your own stone ruin city.

The first releases of Ulvheim is free to download on thingiverse. These files are included here for your convenience (100 files).

Then I did a kickstarter. This product contains all files* from the kickstarter.

  • Roofs and roof ruins (22+19 files)
  • Doorframes, doors and windows (32 files)
  • Foundation with ground floors (14 files)
  • Hexagonal tower including ruins, foundation, floor and roofs (46 files)
  • Buttressesses and flying variant (20 files)
  • Rubble to fill your ruins (10 files)
  • More ruin wall variants (22 files)
  • Combined pieces to quickly print low ruins (55 files)
  • Balconies (93 files)
  • Castle wall (50 files)
  • Cemetary (27 files)
  • Fountains and wells (9 files)
  • Roads (22 files)
  • Rubble (10 files)
  • Knight statue (25 files)


Modularity of this magnitude comes with complexity. There are a lot of files and it is not easy to just start printing and assembling. For this reason I have created a number of recipies.

They are included in this product for your convenience but can also be downloaded for free.


Find the file

The product is organized into several zip-files. Each zip contains an html-file that you can open in your browser and have a look at all the included STL-files. As you hover over an image, a rotating preview appears.


The sewers are the final stretch goal and it is, right now, not done yet. However, when it is, it will be added to this bundle. It will also be released for free.

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About 470 STL-files (not counting free files), 8 recipies


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Ulvheim mega pack

9 ratings
I want this!