Domina Ferrum - gothic sci-fi ruins

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Domina Ferrum is a big set of STL-files for your home 3D-printer (if you print for 28mm to 32mm scale I suggest FDM). With it you can fill several gaming tables with different buildings and ruins. You can build the whole building, it will be really big and majestic. Or you can divide it up into a big ruined city.

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  • 6 different sections (explained below), each in 5 stages of destruction
  • 3 different reliefs (see below), fitting all empty arches and in different stages of destruction
  • 7 different window covers (see below) to completely block line of sight, in different stages of destruction
  • 6 different internal floor and roof sections (see below)
  • Manual
  • HTML-register with images for all files
  • Small building stretch goal
  • Small building 2 (bigger than the first) stretch goal
  • Walkways stretch goal
  • Tournament (WTC) compliant ruin corners


The core of this set is the sections, the outer wall for the building. There are 6 of these:

For each of these sections, there are 5 different variations.

Intact, damaged and ruin A is 3 floors high. Ruin B is 2 floors high. Ruin C is 1 floor high.

This means there is 6 times 5 = 30 different pieces of this kind.

You can make countless combinations, here are some:

Internal floors and roof

The sections above form the outer walls of the building. There are also internal sections to give you internal floors and roofs.

An overview with various stages of desctruction:

Parts comes in either bottom and roof or bottom, upper and roof. This depends on if they have a middle floor or not:

Internal pieces comes in 4 different stages of destruction:

Window covers

If you want to block line of sight even more, use the window covers.


All pieces are prepared for magnetization. You can also print a small peg if you don't like magnets.


Many pieces has empty arches to be filled with reliefs.

Printer details

Some models are bigger than 180x180mm. In that case, they are also supplied as halves. So you can print them on your smaller bed and glue them together.

All models are completely support free for FDM-printers.

A lot of resin is required to print this, it is not advised. Except for the reliefs and window covers. Especially the reliefs can benefit greatly from being printed in resin.


I use my tool STL-librarian to generate thumbnails and a HTML-register so you can easily find the file you are looking for:

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398 STL-files to print, HTML-register, Manual in pdf format

Print as many as you like but not commercially
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Domina Ferrum - gothic sci-fi ruins

11 ratings
I want this!