Ulvheim building pack STL-files

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This is a very big pack of STL-files to print your own stone ruin city.

The first releases of Ulvheim is free to download on thingiverse. These files are included here for your convenience (100 files).

Then I did a kickstarter.

This product contains all building parts from the kickstarter.

  • Roofs and roof ruins (22+19 files)
  • Doorframes, doors and windows (32 files)
  • Foundation with ground floors (14 files)
  • Hexagonal tower including ruins, foundation, floor and roofs (46 files)
  • Buttressesses and flying variant (20 files)
  • Rubble to fill your ruins (10 files)
  • More ruin wall variants (22 files)
  • Combined pieces to quickly print low ruins (55 files)
  • Balconies (93 files)

NB! Only buildings, no statues, graveyard etc. Look out for a coming mega pack.


Modularity of this magnitude comes with complexity. There are a lot of files and it is not easy to just start printing and assembling. For this reason I have created a number of recipies.

They are included in this product for your convenience but can also be downloaded for free.

Find the file

The product is organized into several zip-files. Each zip contains an html-file that you can open in your browser and have a look at all the included STL-files. As you hover over an image, a rotating preview appears.

I want this!

330 STL-files (not counting free files), 8 recipies

Creative commons 4.0 BY-NC-SA


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Ulvheim building pack STL-files

6 ratings
I want this!